Book Review – Guardian and Fallen by A. J. Messenger

Reading about Fallen Angels and/or Guardian Angels is a new genre I’m not very familiar with. The Mortal Instruments series were my first look into angels, but even so that series incorporated a lot of other supernatural creatures. GUARDIAN is an absolute delight! A sweet YA romance about trust, friendship, the teenage conscience, and healthy relationships. I love it!

Recently, I stumbled across a new indie author, A. J. Messenger. There’s not much about her as far as a bio or updated social networks which is just Goodreads as far as I can find. (I’m a bit obsessed at the moment.) Nonetheless, I’ve become a big fan. Her first book, GUARDIAN, is about a high school senior who suffers from panic attacks. She has a great group of friends and a loving mother and late father whom she was very close to. Skip ahead, we have the new transfer student who’s gorgeous (as they always are), kind (as they tend to be), and well off (because they need be ballin’, but in a subtle way). They meet, they speak briefly, they ignore each other, they can’t get enough of each other, they can’t be with each other. I mean, it’s a real struggle. Damn teenagers and their angsty hormones and stubbornness!
When they finally do end up together a series of mini catastrophes begin and the story finally starts to unfold get juicy. FALLEN (book two) continues with more problems, an absence of Alexander, and a very sweet but steamy ending. I also appreciate that the author didn’t repeat situations or characters in the second book to remind her readers who they are.  Messenger does a great job of giving us a backstory but not inundating us with meaningless details and doesn’t ramble on (thank you, Mrs. Messenger). You can tell she planned out her stories and took care to foster Declan’s and Alexander’s story well.
There’s a lot of giggling induced scenes, sweet commentary, a few dark situations, and (possible) predictable outcomes. It’s a fast but good read. It almost reads like Twilight but with it’s own guardian angel spin on it and no love triangle – thank goodness! I can’t wait to read the final book in her trilogy and get things wrapped up! Hurry up August 26th! I need to get my paws on REVELATION!

You can find the following titles on Amazon:
Guardian (Book 1) 99¢
Fallen (Book 2) $2.99
Revelation (out August 26, 2016) (Book 3)

According to A. J. Messengers blogger, REVELATION will be release later this month (8.26.16). Perusing through her titles on Amazon, these books are only available in digital copies via Kindle. But if you have Kindle Unlimited, THEY ARE FREE! But seriously, I’d pay full price for these titles. I love her style of writing and storytelling.


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