Pineapple Peacock Cupcakes

Today, I made pineapple flavored cupcakes with pineapple chunks for my sister! I know, I’m an awesome sister. I’m even more awesome because I’m gonna surprise her with the her favorite cupcakes tomorrow – and they’re peacock themed! (Her favorite animal.) Double win!

Pineapple cupcake recipe:
Yellow cake mix
Canned pineapple chunks (or crushed if you prefer)

Wilton pre-made icing

Peacock Feathers:
Melted white chocolate
Edible pearl dusting powder
Edible gold glitter

What? Did you think I made them from scratch! Ok, so I normally do make my baked goods from my sweat and tears, but I was just too tired from making vanilla macarons and banana otmeal cookies for her, too! She’s seriously lucky to have an older sister like me.

She doesn’t know that I’m gonna show up at her work for her surpise birthday party her co-workers are having for her.

Macaron Recipe:

*Coming soon. My laptop is gonna die and I can’t find my charger!


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