Breakfast Sandwich

My new favorite cheese is Pecorino Romano. It’s so salty and not so smelly and delicious and goes on top of everything I eat now. I’m obsessed! Ok, weirdness over. But the mister asked if I could make breakfast. So, if you know me, I don’t really know how to cook. I can bake! but I can’t cook. Not well at least. My go to breakfast ritual is a large bowl of Cocoa Puffs. Or Honey Comb. Sometimes Fruit Loops. But he actually wanted me to cook something! So, ya know, being scrappy, I raided the fridge and grabbed a bunch of “breakfast ingredients”. I digress… quite a bit.

I made breakfast sandwiches! Seriously, the only thing I had to cook was egg. I can’t really mess that up so I went with it.


Toast (4 slices = 2 sandwiches – duh)
3 cooked eggs
Thinly sliced bell pepper (I don’t like the green one. Get the other colors)
2 slices of ham or turkey
Sliced tomatoes
Heaps of spinach (I’m obsessed with spinach)
Mounds of Pecorino Romano cheese, shredded over everything!

If you’d add or omit some things, let me know. I assembled it, shredded the cheese everywhere, it was ridiculous. I don’t care. Share links of your favorite breakfast dish! I’d love to see what y’all are shoving in your pie holes.


Pineapple Peacock Cupcakes

Today, I made pineapple flavored cupcakes with pineapple chunks for my sister! I know, I’m an awesome sister. I’m even more awesome because I’m gonna surprise her with the her favorite cupcakes tomorrow – and they’re peacock themed! (Her favorite animal.) Double win!

Pineapple cupcake recipe:
Yellow cake mix
Canned pineapple chunks (or crushed if you prefer)

Wilton pre-made icing

Peacock Feathers:
Melted white chocolate
Edible pearl dusting powder
Edible gold glitter

What? Did you think I made them from scratch! Ok, so I normally do make my baked goods from my sweat and tears, but I was just too tired from making vanilla macarons and banana otmeal cookies for her, too! She’s seriously lucky to have an older sister like me.

She doesn’t know that I’m gonna show up at her work for her surpise birthday party her co-workers are having for her.

Macaron Recipe:

*Coming soon. My laptop is gonna die and I can’t find my charger!


Have you ever heard of Influenster? Do you have their app? Are you a member of the influenster reviewers? If not, what are you waiting for!
If you’re familiar you can skip ahead to the bottom of the page. If you’re wondering what Influenster is (in a nutshell) continue reading my rambling. So you visit, sign up, start reviewing products you are familiar with (honest, good and not so good reviews are welcomed), check your Snaps, and eventually the Influestner team will select you to become part of their #VoxBox review crew (I made up that last part – the name). The more reviews you write on their site, the better they get to know you and place you on their list. Simple.

This is my second VoxBox I’m going to review for Influenster. Last month was the #SproutVoxBox I received. All about healthy snacking! I enjoyed it. I’m really excited about this months VoxBox – it’s a beauty box!

Review for each individual product and link to the #VoxBox unboxing coming soon.


While you’re waiting, go ahead and download their FREE app!

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Banana Mousse Cream Ice Cream

I’m part of a banana-loving family. Seriously, we like bananas in a lot of our desserts – banana bread, banana cake, banana cream pie, banana milk shakes, banana cupcakes, and now! banana mousse cream ice cream.

My husband (nonchalantly) wished he could have a frozen creamy banana treat. He had just come from watering the plants in 104° Texas heat; of course he wanted something fresh and COLD! You don’t need an ice cream maker, nor do you need anything but a whisk and some muscle power if you don’t own a hand mixer or stand mixer.


1 tsp vanilla extract
1 large banana; sliced
1 large banana; mashed
2 cups heavy whipping cream
1/2 cup of sweetened condensed milk
1 small box (3.4 oz) of instant banana pudding mix

Whip the heavy cream for about 1 minute or until you see it starting to fluff.
Add banana pudding mix, vanilla extract, and the sweetened condensed milk.
Continue whipping until solid/stiff peaks form.
Fold in your large mashed banana.
Pour mixture into large, flat pan or reusable ice cream container.
Top with sliced bananas.
Optional: Fold in or top mixture with sliced bananas, strawberries, vanilla wafers, and/or macadamia nuts.

Freeze your covered mixture for 5-8hours.
Serve and top with your favorite toppings.